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Michael has been directly engaged in a most recent project within Flexachem Manufacturing Ltd. where we set ourselves ambitious goals for growth over the coming fiscal periods. To that end, we decided to outsource expertise and contracted Mr. Michael Travers to assist us in our endeavours. Mr. Travers has brought a totally new dimension to our organisation and has already implemented structures that have both strengthened our team and provided solid models for us to build on going forward. We are now working with a different focus businesswise and thanks to his dedicated work ethic, swift action and business support, Mr. Travers has elevated our business to a new platform and allowed us achieve and in fact exceed our goals! This has been achieved against the backdrop of a global recession and to that end we wish to sincerely thank him for his work. We will continue to use Travers & Associates’ services and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Travers to execute a project in a very professional manner and achieve the desired results for the client.

Michael O Connell. Managing Director, Flexachem Manufacturing Ltd

I have known Mike for more than 30 years, initially as a colleague and subsequently as a service provider. Mike is an expert in the area of change management and has a track record of turning around the performance of companies that have gotten into difficulties. He would be of particular value to such companies in the current climate where his hands-on, practical and pragmatic approach could be the key to a company’s survival and growth.

Colman Collins, Owner and Managing Director, Collins McNicholas Ltd

I worked with Michael for two years during a period of great change in our organisation. Michael is a highly experienced and personable operations expert. He has the ability to think outside the box and achieve solutions to complicated resource issues in a short period of time. Michael is a driven and diligent professional.

Alan Kelly, Human Resources, ArcRoyal, Kells, Co. Meath

Michael was a volunteer adviser on the project and always conducted himself in a very professional, helpful and proactive manner. Feedback from small business assignments was positive in all instances.

Donal Kissane, Project Manager, Bord Gáis Eireann

Michael has worked with our firm for many years and has a proven track record with a management style which enables him to work with and alongside CEO' s right through to the team on the factory floor. His technical ability instils great confidence allowing companies to reduce overheads and to maximise profits. His strategic approach is a welcomed addition to any corporation.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, and High Integrity

Colin Mulhall, Lloyd Bowmaker. Chartered Accountants, Registered Auditors and Tax Consultants

We recruited Michael into a number of clients over a 15-year period involving very difficult change management projects and he has always delivered significant results and value for money. He is an excellent interim manager with strong operations skills combined with good commercial acumen.

Maurice Carr, Partner, BDO Simpson Xavier

Michael has always been a business results-oriented leader with an excellent sense of applying lean and world class manufacturing techniques to business challenges. Michael managed to bring our operations to very high standards within quality and a cost competitive level and at the same time developed the organization to understand and use industry standard operations methodologies. His personality and broad business knowledge have made it a pleasure to work with him. I have known Michael for over 3 years and consider him a good friend and leader.

Lars Jakob Rasmussen, VP Business Services, Tytex Denmark

I highly recommend Michael. Working with Michael opened my mind to the potential of Lean techniques. His planned, methodical approach to Lean implementation showed World Class knowledge of the toolset and demonstrated his ability to bring change, the benefits of removing waste ultimately improving the bottom line. Michael would be an asset to any company who requires commencing or advancing their lean journey.

Dave Manning, Senior Director, Flextronics International

I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Michael while at Danaher. Michael led an operation based in Ennis Ireland, and did a superb job driving performance improvement through the deployment of LEAN manufacturing tools while concurrently developing the organization. He is an extremely effective leader as a result of his management skill and style that quickly enable him to earn the respect and trust of his organization, peers, and superiors. I recommend Michael highly to any organization looking for a results-oriented professional that understands business from perspectives ranging from the boardroom to the production floor.

Ken Owens, General Manager, Danaher Corporation USA

We hired Michael to run a key motor plant the company (Pacific Scientific and subsequently Danaher) had recently acquired in Ireland. Michael was brought in to effectively turn around the plant which was underperforming under the management team that was in place at the time of the acquisition. He did an excellent job in quickly assessing the situation, identifying the changes that needed to take place (including the appropriate organizational changes), and implementing the changes in an effective and timely manner. His leadership and management of this plant were key in making this a winning operation and a positive acquisition.

Bill Fejes, President - Automation Technology Group, Pacific Scientific USA

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