• 01/ Prepare

    Prepare enterprises for growth, expansion and competition by:

    • Developing business strategies

    • Developing business plans and tactics

    • Identifying potential new products and markets

    • Creating sales development methodologies

  • 02/ Assist

    Assist SME’s to implement significant cost reduction projects (e.g., Lean Six-sigma and World Class Operational and Business Process Methods)

  • 03/ Coach

    Coach organisations and individuals through the Organisational Change Processes

  • 04/ Teach

    Teach enterprises how to use Key Performance Indicators (Dashboards) in order to constantly monitor the performance of their companies Costs, Quality and Services

  • 05/ Restructure organisations 

    Restructure organisations including conducting negotiations with financial institutions, unions and staff representatives

  • 06/ Mentor and up-skill 

    Mentor and up-skill business owners, management and staff by teaching them the most up-to-date World-Class Management methods

  • 07/ Provide on-site proximity 

    Provide on-site proximity allowing us to respond to business changes as they grow and succeed in their ventures and to offer our clients advice and assistance long after the initial programmes / projects are launched