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Our approach to engaging with our clients is somewhat unique in that we imbed ourselves within the organisation, which allows us to immerse ourselves in the relevant aspects of the business and operations.

Working closely with all levels of staff, we develop targeted business strategies and tactics that are realistic, achievable and measurable. We customise our refined suite of management tools to address the company’s specific issues, thus enabling all levels of the organisation to clearly link long-term business plans and strategic objectives to the day-to-day activities of the organisation. Ultimately, we leave the organisation and the key personnel with the training and management tools to continue the positive progress of the business that it has experienced under our direct guidance.

As the primary consultant, I bring to the table extensive engineering and business qualifications seasoned with decades of senior executive experience developing business strategies and tactics, applying lean and world-class business techniques and managing change in oftentimes difficult and culturally diverse global organisations.

When required, we engage the services of professional associates to advise, assist and address specific issues. These specialists are people whom we have worked with and have trusted over many years. All of these specialists are highly experienced, qualified and reputable professionals. We ensure that each specialist is fully briefed on the entire project in order to maximise quality performance for our clients. We have an excellent reputation for ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with any professional specialist whom we engage on their business.

We work closely with S.M.E. creditors where the SME finds it difficult to restructure debt or is experiencing cash flow issues. We prepare business rescue plans that are realistic and achievable. We provide mediation between parties and negotiate mutually acceptable agreements.

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